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Photo Assistant

Deed   DeBruno Member since:  29-Jul-2011
Las Vegas  NV  United States Last updated: 26-Jul-2014
Years experience: 5 Years
Also available in these cities:
Los Angeles
  Phone #1: 702-443-0894
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Passport: No    Drivers Licence: Yes
Drive Standard: No    Car/Van: Yes
I am a Las Vegas based but travel friendly Photo/Video assistant.
Most recently I was photo assistant on set with Who Magazine and Australian photographer Chris Colls while shooting Redfoo at Encore Beach Club.

I was lighting assistant on GQ Sport shoot with Mike Tyson shot by James Dimmock. And I have assisted several of west coast's great photographers including Shane O'Neal, John Michael Cooper, Alex Ardenti, and Luciano Mello.

I am proficient with hot lights, strobe kits (profoto, elinchrome, etc.), Canon, Nikon, I am a great asset to have on set being a self-motivated, anticipating, quick reacting, no nonsense assistant. I can also do on set video editing, retouching and behind the scenes promotional material for you. References available on request.

Feel free to call me even if on short notice I am reliable and efficient.

I'm interested in working on the following types of shoots:


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