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Photo Assistant

Brian   Molina Member since:  03-Oct-2017
Nutley  NJ  United States Last updated: 03-Oct-2017
Years experience: 0 - 6 Months
Also available in these cities:
New York City
  Phone #1: 8622834117
  Cell Phone: 8622834117
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Languages: English, Spanish

Passport: Yes    Drivers Licence: Yes
Drive Standard: Yes    Car/Van: Yes
Hi! I’m Brian Molina, I was born in a small town in Washington. I feel drawn towards colors, textures and Light. Shadows tell a story for me. Even though my retina lacks cones I am fascinated by color, at least the ones I’m able to see. I love having new experiences as they help me to learn more about myself.

I'm a simple guy who has attended different schools of visual arts in two different continents. I guess what makes me a visual artist is finding myself in a variety of different places.

Music has transformed me into the guy I am now. Music has helped me with photography. It is my biggest inspiration.

Drumming, photography and nature. Could it get any better than that?

Yes it can.

I'm interested in working on the following types of shoots:

Still Life
Fine Art
Behind the Scenes

Skills Equipment

Digital Photo & Video
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