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Photo Assistant

Faith   Bowman Member since:  02-Aug-2011
New York  NY  United States Last updated: 16-Aug-2011
Years experience: 2 Years
  Phone #1: 718-781-7738
  Phone #2: 917-543-3973
  Cell Phone: 718-781-7738
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Passport: No    Drivers Licence: No
Drive Standard: No    Car/Van: No
Parsons School of Design, photography
Columbia College Chicago, photography
coursework included: B&W film photography and lab, Color film photography and lab, Studio Lighting I-III, Digital Imaging, Graphic Design, View Camera, Experimental/19th Century Techniques, Papermaking, Bookbinding/Artists Books

:::assisting/photo support/internships:::
Industria Superstudio, front desk assistant, NY 1996
Pier 59 Studios, equipment room intern, NY 1996
C-Lab, retouching and packaging, NY 1997
Print Zone, retouching and packaging, NY 1997
Marin Film Works, sales and packaging, CA 1997
Adolph Gasser Photo Supply, equipment/film/chemistry sales, CA 1997
Warren Johnson, photo assistant, IL 2003
Stuart Rodgers Photography, portrait department intern, IL 2003
Kenneth Boyer Kloster, production assistant, IL 2007
Joe Branske, photo assistant, IL 2007
Anthony Tahlier, photo assistant, IL 2007
Eddie Eng, photo stylist, IL 2009
Kaizen Foto, stylist, IL 2009
modaCYCLE, editorial intern, NY 2009
Le Book Publishing, event production intern, NY 2010
Pedro Souza, photo assistant, NY 2011
Caroline Knopf, 2nd assistant, NY 2011
Malcolm Beckford, NY 2011

I'm interested in working on the following types of shoots:



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